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Kabaddi Betting: Everything You Need to Know About

Kabaddi betting platforms

Kabaddi is generally a mixed-gender game which is mainly focused on the fact that the team has to tag out most of the players of the opposing team and then accordingly the scores are being awarded to the team who is tagging out the players of the other team.

This game is a contact game that includes playing the game between two teams consisting of 7 players each. In this game mainly a single of a certain team has to go to the ground of the other team and the player who is doing this task is often referred to as the ‘raider’ and the action that he is going to undertake is commonly known as raid.


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  • Generally, while raiding the player has been assigned the task of tagging out the maximum number of players of the opposing team. After doing which team and whose player is doing the ‘raiding’ is awarded the points as per the rules decided by the organizer’s committee.
  • While doing this, the opposition team has to prevent the raider from leaving their own field or allow him to leave the field without tagging any of its players out. This increases the excitement of the game manifold.


Since every game has its own taste as well as flavour, so is the game of kabaddi. Mainly, this game is not quite famous as compared to other games such as Football, Basketball, Cricket, etc. But it is still quite famous in many parts of the world and is currently gaining popularity due to the entertainment opportunities that the game has to offer.


  • Now, since betting has gained popularity in almost all parts of the world, it can be also reflected in the game of Kabaddi as well. Kabaddi has a large fan following mostly in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and many other parts of South Asia.
  • Of the many varieties of Kabaddi being played, India’s Pro Kabaddi is quite popular among them. 


There are many companies, which provide betting on the game of Kabaddi on their web-based platforms as well as the application-based platforms. Some of the major companies that provide betting services in the game of Kabaddi are: 

  1. 10cric
  2. 1xBet
  3. Dafabet


  • These companies are some of the big companies to name which provide betting services. Apart from providing the betting, these companies also provide many bonuses to incoming new users as a part of their welcome bonus. As for example, one of the top betting platforms, 10cric gives 20,000 as a welcome bonus.
  •  Also, in order to enhance the betting experience on their platforms, they make the user interface very easy to use so that the user does not have the problem of betting. However, some of the limitations of the companies providing betting services include the restriction of the nationality of the players who want to play the game of betting. As for an example, 10cric is restricted only to the people of India and nowhere else.

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